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Secure Phone Holder

Price: 25,00 USD
Secure GPS/Phone Holder Wraps tightly and flat around dash/clock of bike to ensure tightest and safest position for your phone Fits up to 7” phones no problems Full touchscreen Two extra storage pockets for cards/money etc Secure straps (Adjustable to fit securely to any bike) ~~~~~ Stevie’s Garage Thao Dien Here to make life simple for you !

Throttle / Brake Lock

Price: 25,00 USD
Number 1 in bike security ! Brake lever & throttle lock ! Fully adjustable 2 keys Plastic outer with metal re-inforced inner * alot of smartasses will say "just cut the brake line", but reality is the bike still won't ride as the throttle won't turn as it's gripped securely to the brake lever ! ;-) (yes break the lever bla bla bla, no matter how secure your bike is if someone really wants it they will get it, but thieves wanna steal a bike within 30secs not 30mins) PROTECT YOUR BIKE FOR ONLY $25 !!! (Amazon price is $55, have a look!) ~~~~~

GPS Waterproof Mirror Bracket

Price: 25,00 USD
NEW PRODUCT !!! GPS Waterproof Mirror Bracket Can fit phone/gps unit inside and still have full touchscreen (Fits up to iphone 7 plus size, so pretty much any phone on the market) Phone/gps compartment is cushioned (Different thickness cushions included) Water resistant material (light rain, cannot be submerged in water) ~~~~~


Price: 4,50 USD
NOW IN STOCK !!! * ICE SPRAY * Designed for bikers! Convenient pocket size! Can be sprayed onto clothing or directly onto body if you really need cooling down! Produced in Japan! A couple of little squirts of ice spray will keep you cool for hours, perfect for travellers! $4.50 per bottle Only available at

Travellers Package Deal

Price: 60,00 USD
$60 Package Deal for travellers ! GPS Bike-Bag Twin Port USB Charger Throttle Lock Helmet Price if bought seperately : $85 You only pay....$60 !!! ~~~~~