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$1249 usd

2013 ITALIAN SH150i 4-Valve




I started life as a modest reliable and powerful 2013 Shark 125 fuel injection model. I always envied my sibling, his name is Honda SH150i and was born in Italy, I always looked up to him as he was the sibling who got all the attention, even though I was every bit as good as him, but because I was born in Taiwan and not Italy he got all the fame and attention. That's what made me save up $1500 for this operation.

The journey begins:

After I saved up the operation fee, I got a 150cc heart transplant from my modest 125cc fuel injected heart. I also have 4-Valves.

I then purchased myself a full new Italian suit, then modelled myself on my Italian sibling. The results were outstanding, everyone thinks we are twins now and can hardly tell us apart.

Performance department down below, I can now keep up with my Italian sibling, whether it be a quickie or a full on race, let's just say the girls are not disappointed 😉

My sibling with his 2013 Italian birth certificate is worth around $9000 usd, I am as good as my sibling in every way but I am up for sale at a seventh of his price 😀

So there we have it, my life journey 😀

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed ❤



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